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Luxury Accomodations!

All accommodations for our guests include many of the same services you would find for yourself at a resort: private rooms, daily room service, fresh linens, delicious meals and snacks, an array of fun-filled activities, and a very caring and attentive staff! Cleanliness is very important to us and therefore, we use child daycare center standards for cleaning. There is no limit on how much luggage a guest can bring along for their stay (ie, beds, blankets, toys, etc.). Guests are provided with daily laundry service as needed. We want your pup to feel comfortable!

Each Bed & Breakfast (12'x12') suite has a toddler, twin, full or queen bed with comfy bedding and a shelf and storage area for personal belongings. We can provide Kuranda cots for our elderly guests that may have trouble getting up on a bed.

For our happily single guests, we offer the Single Suite, a cozy overnight option for individual pups!

We also offer "Slumber Zone" (crate) boarding for guests that prefer the comfort of an extra large sleeping crate. This is the doggie version of a Slumber Party!

For our "Minis" (dogs under 25 pounds), we now offer their own MiniMutt Hut in our Penthouse area! Pint-sized accommodations include comfy bedding and everything geared for our smaller-sized guests.

We keep a variety of brands of moist and dry dog foods on hand. However, we strongly suggest bringing enough food for your dog's entire stay, pre-bagged for each feeding. This ensures that your dog will have enough food for the duration of his stay. Along with the food, please note any special feeding and medication instructions. We do not insist changing feeding routines and prefer to keep them on the routine that they are used to. We strive to make sure our guest stay comfortable and cater to each guest's needs.

Disneyworld for Dogs!

While traditional kennels put animals in cages or runs, our guests are free to run and play most of the day, or lounge around in their own private suite or in one of the cozy lounge areas and just take it easy. We believe our guests should spend time in a scenic, stress-free environment. We have shade trees in the play yards and guests can enjoy the peacefulness of being in the country, watching horses graze, listening to birds chirping, or napping in the sunshine. We offer 13 huge, securely fenced outdoor play yards with lots of toys and games, and each dog is supervised to make sure they are involved in some sort of activity.

We are structured to provide ALL guests with activities that are best suited to them - agility, swimming, playing fetch, popping bubbles, obedience games, gym time, running.... anything our guests enjoy!

Formal rest periods and quiet times are built in to our daily routine and for each individual dog. Naptimes provide our guests time to regenerate before heading off to their next activity.

When the weather is cold or very rainy, we have various spacious indoor play areas as well with plenty of toys, fun play equipment, and comfy spots to lounge. Socialization and playtime activities are scheduled on a daily basis -rain, snow or shine! Our guests are grouped according to size, temperament, breed and/or age. Those guests not compatible with others will have their own private playtimes.

The UltiMutt Vacation in the Country!

We provide a healthy atmosphere, top-notch care, mentally and physically stimulating activities and lots and lots of love with extensive attention to safety, security, and your pet's preferences and needs - the same care, love and attention he would receive at his own home.

We have designed our facility to be a low stress and comforting atmosphere to make your pet feel comfortable, whatever the activity. The individualized loving attention that we provide to each of our important guests sets us apart. We genuinely love animals! We strictly limit the number of guests staying with us so that we can be sure to provide individualized attention and loving care for your beloved friend. We do not believe in quantity over quality - our guest numbers are dependent on the needs of each guest staying with us at any given time.

We believe that creating a stress-free, social, home-like environment depends on dog’s familiarity with our staff, facility, and our daily routines. This comfort level comes with a commitment to on-going socialization practices between each pup and The UltiMutt Inn. While we welcome most pups, we are not ideally set up to accommodate “holiday only” or the once-a-year visiting guests. We want to know each and every dog and owner, and want for each and every dog and owner to be comfortable with and trust us with the care and experience we provide. We want your dog to have a 100% positive experience with us from day one! We offer a “Very Important Pup” (VIP) program that is geared for pups that come to visit us on a regular basis.

Young puppies will benefit from the physical and mental stimulation while learning new games, activities and behaviors, all the while releasing their puppy energy. At the same time, we reinforce boundaries and behaviors while having fun!

Active and middle aged dogs benefit from our program tremendously! These guests will be exposed to so many different activities that help maintain a healthy weight and fitness level. The brainwork activities help keep them mentally stimulated and build confidence.

Timid pups, with the help from staff, are encouraged to try new things at their own pace. Our small group sizes allow for a less overwhelming environment and give these fur friends a chance to come out of their shells.

Is your dog an older dog or one that just wants to take it easy and relax? Low impact play activities help keep them active, while puzzles, FitPaws and Nose Work activities offer fun without the physical impact. And there is always time for extra cuddles, kisses, affection and comfortable lounging spots, and we love providing that as well.

We happily accept intact dogs and dogs that are not social with other dogs, if we are able to accommodate them. An additional daily fee applies. It is left to our discretion if space and appropriate play groups or play areas are available at the time of your reserved dates. Our Private Care guests enjoy all the same fun activities with a human companion.

We are unlike any other kennel that you have seen before.

Come see the difference!!!!!

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Dogs love the UltiMutt!


Open 7 days a week!
All drop-offs, pick-ups, and tours are made by pre-scheduled appointment only.  Please call ahead to make an appointment!

We are closed for doggie activities and nap-time between 10am – 4pm daily



Let your dog be the king of the mountain too!

Rain or shine, there's always playtime!

Our Guests can bring their own bedding, if they'd like!

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