What Makes Us Different?

We are not just a facility providing an energy outlet, but rather we believe in fostering learning and helping dogs gain confidence, all of which reduces stress and adds balance to their everyday lives.

Dogs will love the difference in our facility, where safety, comfort and fun are the measures of success and every dog gets a program tailored to what he or she wants to do the most!


Home-like enviornment - we are not a cold, impersonal kennel

Human interaction & individualized care

No guillotine doors! Each dog is personally handled and loved!

Daily naptime & rest periods

Offer guests a break from the mental and physical activities and time to reguvenate

Huge outdoor playgrounds

They're not just runs! Thirteen spacious outdoor playgrounds for pure country fun!!

Quality over quantity

We believe in limiting our number of guests to ensure the best care

Safe, fun play is a priority!

We provide our staff with initial and on-going formal training programs on dog body language, health and safety, 100% supervised playgroups!

Daily potty breaks

No limit on the number of daily potty breaks

Essential oil diffusers, nightlights & Through A Dog’s Ear ®

Clinically tested canine music is utilized daily and nightly for optimal health and well-being of our guests


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13501 Butternut Road
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