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Welcome to a very unique concept in dog boarding!

The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort is a very special, home-like, interactive playground and pet resort set on a 17-acre farm in scenic Geauga County in northeastern Ohio - just 45 minutes east of Cleveland.  

We are truly a vacation paradise for pets, with lots of green grass, fresh country air and TONS of tail wagging fun! We offer HUGE, spacious, climate-controlled, Luxury dog suites, cozy Single Suites, adorable MiniMutt Huts, and a Slumber Zone area that is like a slumber party for dogs! Each area decorated in a unique theme, with complimentary amenities such as flat screen televisions, rugs, pillows, comfortable beds in each room, and nightly "turn down" with a cookie on the pillow.

We provide far more than just standard daycare and boarding! We provide dogs with an EXPERIENCE!

We strive to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their fur kids! We believe in focusing our attention on smaller playgroups, physical exercise, mental enrichment activities, and lots of fun activities tailored specifically for each dog. Each dog is treated like an individual! We believe in creating an environment where dogs can be dogs. Our surroundings and daily routines are built with the dogs in mind and we have a strong belief in positive training and dog management skills. We take each dog's age, breed, play style, energy level, physical shape and personality into consideration when planning activities.
We are not just a facility providing an energy outlet, but rather we believe in fostering learning and helping dogs gain confidence, all of which reduces stress and adds balance to their everyday lives.
Dogs will love the difference in our facility, where safety, comfort and fun are the measures of success and every dog gets a program tailored to what he or she wants to do the most!


Our animals all have "real" people beds.  Toddler beds are for smaller dogs, twin, full or queen sized beds for larger ones.  The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort is your dog's 5-star Dog Hotel!

 Our concept is simple: provide healthy, all-inclusive, spacious, and immaculate accommodations, create and reinforce enriching activities and opportunities, and ensure that guests are treated as the unique individuals that they are!

Take a look at what happens in a typical day at the UltiMutt Inn!

What makes us different?
  • Cozy, home-like environment - we are not a cold, impersonal kennel
  • A choice of accommodations based on each dog! Our boarding fees include all the amenities that the others charge extra for
  • Quality over quantity: we believe in limiting our number of guests to ensure the best care
  • Human interaction and individualized care - no guillotine doors! Each dog is personally handled and loved!
  • Playcare is included in our boarding rate!
  • Exposure to lots of different experiences, surfaces, and smells in our Sensory Yard and play areas
  • Safe, fun play is a priority! We provide our staff with initial and on-going formal training programs on dog body language, health and safety,
  • Daily naptime and rest periods offer guests a break from the mental and physical activities and time to reguvenate
  • Indoor swimming all year 'round!

  • No additional charges for medication administration! To us, all dogs are special!
  • Play groups with different dogs or individual playtimes - your choice! All dogs are carefully socialized - no dog is left out of the fun!
  • Various indoor playgrounds for rainy days and dogs who don't like to be outside
  • Climate controlled facility
  • We offer heated bedding for smaller and older dogs that require extra warmth at no additional charge
  • Your choice of food - ours or your own. No extra charges for special or additional feedings!
  • Color, flat-screen TVs with dog friendly programming
  • Real beds - twin, full, or queen-sized! Or bring your own bedding! We want your dog to feel at home here!
  • Loving, experienced staff who are on the grounds 24 hours a day.
  • No limit on the number of daily potty breaks!
  • Webcams available in our suites
  • Huge outdoor playgrounds - they're not just runs! Thirteen spacious outdoor playgrounds for pure country fun!!
  • 100% supervised playgroups!
  • Drop-off and pick-up times available 7 days a week!
  • Essential oil diffusers, nightlights and Through A Dog’s Ear music (clinically tested canine music) are utilized daily and nightly for optimal health and well-being of our guests

Have a Guilt-Free Vacation!

Once you bring your pet to The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort, you will never have to worry about leaving your pet behind, because your pet will love it here. Pets agree: There is nowhere better than The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort! So plan that vacation and relax "guilt-free," knowing that your pet is having a fun vacation, too.

Welcome to The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort:
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The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort is a very special, cage-free, interactive playground and pet resort set on a 17-acre farm in scenic Geauga County in northeastern Ohio - just 45 minutes east of Cleveland.  It is a wonderful boarding option for a dog who is well-socialized with people and other pets.   kennel Dog Boarding geauga county cleveland ohio day care doogie doggie Geauga


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Read about a typical day at the UltiMutt Inn!

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Open 7 days a week!
All drop-offs, pick-ups, and tours are made by pre-scheduled appointment only.  Please call ahead to make an appointment!

We are closed for doggie activities and nap-time between 10am – 4pm daily


Daily Activities Can Include, but are not Limited To:

  • Nose Work

  • Trail Walks on our Nature Trail

  • Basic Agility

  • Indoor Pool Sessions (Pool Parties!)

  • Ball or Frisbee Play Sessions

  • FitPAWS (a fitness program that encourages dog’s balancing skills and using their core.  It is a fun activity all dogs can enjoy and participate in!)

  • Bubble Sessions

  • Learning Basic Tricks 

  • Obedience Games 

  • Puzzle Sessions 

  • Sandbox Session 

  • Running 

  • Fetch Games 

  • Brushing and Pampering 

  • “Free Play” Sessions with their friends

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